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100 Rock Songs (61 To 70)

Ten more. Chronological again …

(61) Def Leppard – Desert Song

Def Leppard are huge and appeal to those whose favourite genre isn’t necessarily rock music. Their most successful albums are commercially very good, but nothing from “Hysteria” or “Pyromania” enters my list of favourite songs. Some of the band’s best songs are not those that were thrust into the American charts. The first entry for the band comes from 1993’s “Retroactive”. “Desert Song” is the first song on the album and is a mean and moody rock song that pushes all the right buttons. Those who like the commercial efforts will probably loathe this song but to me it represents the band at their brilliant best. Wonderful.

(62) Coverdale Page – Absolution Blues

“Absolution Blues” is another magnificent track from the brilliant Coverdale Page album. This track is more upbeat and Coverdale shrieks alongside Page’s guitar. What a shame they didn’t combine their talents to produce more albums. Unforgettable.

(63) Rush – Stick It Out

“Stick It Out” from the album “Counterparts” is not a typical Rush song; it is a lot heavier than they normally present to their fans with massive emphasis on the guitar and very little keyboard. Alex Lifeson uses his guitar talent to inject darkness into the song that you wouldn’t normally associate with the band. Top tune.

(64) The Wildhearts – TV Tan

The man behind the Wildhearts, the enigmatic Ginger, is a flawed genius. He has the knack to write highly infectious punky rock songs that are so addictive you play them over and over again. In my opinion he is one of the most underrated rock stars in Britain. The album “Earth versus the Wildhearts” is a work of brilliance. I heard “TV Tan” on a late night rock show and was so obsessed with it that I bought the album, playing repeatedly for months. The man can do no wrong. Brilliant.

(65) Coverdale Page – Don’t Leave Me This Way

With both Coverdale and Page being fans of the blues it was inevitable that there would be at least one bluesy song on their album. And what a song it is. “Don’t Leave Me This Way” is so breath-taking it brings tears of joy every time I hear it. Close your eyes, turn up the volume and listen to one of the best blues rock songs you will ever hear. Blues at its peak.

(66) Rush – Cut To The Chase

“Cut To The Chase” is another song from “Counterparts”, one of the best albums by Rush. Of all the songs by the band, this one is oddly addictive. Many won’t consider it to be one of their best but I find it fascinating. Again the keyboards have been minimised in favour of Alex Lifeson’s guitars to produce a great song. Sadly it is not widely available but certainly worth listening to if you are lucky enough to grab a copy of “Counterparts”

(67) Terrorvision – Discotheque Wreck

“Discotheque Wreck” is the best song from Bradford’s Terrorvision. They’re not everybody’s cup of tea but I really like the song – it’s amusing and fun.

(68) Deep Purple – Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming

When Ritchie Blackmore finally walked out on Deep Purple, I was bitterly disappointed. My favourite line up disintegrated before my eyes. I saw the band at the Manchester Apollo on that ill-fated tour and there was clear tension between Blackmore and Gillan. Blackmore’s replacement was Steve Morse and the band returned with the album “Purpendicular”. Despite the crap title, the album was terrific. “Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming” is the best song on that album and highlights just how good a guitarist Steve Morse is. The song is a wonderful bluesy number with great guitar. Beautiful.

(69) The Wildhearts - Caprice

“Caprice” is a fantastic song from the genius that is Ginger. Taken from the album “P.H.U.Q.”, the song shows the Wildhearts at their sonorous best. A true fist-pounder, it pushes all the right buttons and, typical of the Wildhearts, takes you on wonderfully heavy journey before ending abruptly just as you want more. Fantastic.

(70) Def Leppard – Pearl Of Euphoria

My favourite song by Def Leppard is a really obscure track from the album “Slang”. “Pearl Of Euphoria” is the last song on the album and, despite the title, is moody and dark. Sadly once again the song is not easily available so I implore you to listen to “Slang” and fast forward to the last song. You will definitely not regret it. Truly magnificent.

71 to 80 to follow …

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