Wednesday, 18 June 2008

100 Rock Songs (21 to 30)

Again no specific order apart from chronologically …

(21) Nazareth – No Mean City

The album “No Mean City” is one of my all time favourite albums and the title track is the best song on it. The song is a masterpiece and Dan McCafferty’s voice is at its very best. The album cover is superbly menacing (as you can see from the link below) and the song reflects the atmosphere conjured by the image. Mean and moody!

(22) Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb

“Comfortably Numb” is easily the best song from the epic concept album “The Wall”. The song is beautiful and disturbing at the same time and once more Dave Gilmour’s guitar playing is exemplary. Beautiful.

(23) Judas Priest - Steeler

Judas Priest perform pure British heavy metal at its very best. The album “British Steel” was ground-breaking and “Steeler” is the last and best song from that wonderful record. Rob Halford has a unique voice perfectly crafted to sing heavy metal anthems. You’ll need that air guitar again. Metal!

(24) Thin Lizzy – Killer On The Loose

I miss Phil Lynott. Thin Lizzy were a superb band who wrote chart friendly rock music and were wildly popular in the 1970’s. “Killer On The Loose” is a sinister head banger that is darker than their usual offerings. Menacing!

(25) Rush – Red Barchetta

1981 was a formidable year for me musically because I discovered the best band on the planet. I am talking of course about the Canadian power trio, Rush. They are by far my favourite band and I can listen to their music all day long. “Red Barchetta” is from the album “Moving Pictures” and is one of my favourite tracks of all time. Listen to the song and you will feel a deep euphoria. Awesome!

(26) Whitesnake – Don’t Break My Heart Again

David Coverdale conquered America with Whitesnake in 1987 and many of those fans are unaware that before then, Whitesnake were a bluesy rock band. I prefer the band from that period, with Bernie Marsden, Micky Moody and of course the legendary Deep Purple keyboard player, Jon Lord. For the album “Come An’ Get It” Deep Purple’s Ian Paice was also in the band. “Don’t Break My Heart Again” is my favourite song by the band. Bluesy.

(27) Gillan – Bite The Bullet

The best Gillan album is “Future Shock” and the best song on that album is “Bite The Bullet”. It is another blistering fist pounder from Ian Gillan, ably supported by the thumping brilliance of Mick Underwood on the drums. The song reaches an amazing crescendo and once more leaves you shell shocked. It’s a shame it isn’t widely available but believe me, if you get the chance to listen to “Future Shock” you will love this song. Unbelievable.

(28) Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills

When Bruce Dickinson joined Iron Maiden, the improvement was there for all to see. The band have never looked back, with album after brilliant album. However, my favourite song by the band came from that first album with Bruce Dickinson way back in 1981. “Run To The Hills” is from the album “The Number Of The Beast” and is classic heavy metal at its most excellent. Get that air guitar ready again. Screamer.

(29) Jim Steinman – Stark Raving Love

Jim Steinman is the man behind the success of Meat Loaf and his “Bat Out Of Hell” trilogy of albums. In 1981, however, Jim Steinman released his own album called “Bad For Good” which I actually prefer to the massive “Bat Out Of Hell”. I don’t think that Steinman has the greatest voice, yet the songs more than make up for this. “Stark Raving Love” is a magnificent Steinman grand musical opus which Steinman himself sampled for Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out For A Hero”. The original is the best and contains magnificent guitar work as the song reaches a superb crescendo. Again, it’s a shame its not widely available but the song is brilliant. Epic.

(30) Rush – The Analog Kid

The first Rush album I bought was “Signals” and I was lucky enough to see them for the first time in 1982 when they toured with the album. I couldn’t get enough of the band and it wasn’t long before their previous albums were also in my collection. “The Analog Kid” is a great little song that is typical of the band. Terrific.

31 to 40 to follow …

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