Tuesday, 3 June 2008

100 Pop Songs (81 to 90)

Not long to go now ...

(81) Air – All I Need

“All I Need” is another beautiful song by Air from the album “Moon Safari”. Again, it’s a mellow masterpiece but with the added bonus of having a wonderful vocalist (Beth Hirsch) whose voice is truly gorgeous. A spine-tingler of a song.


(82) Apollo 440 – Lost In Space

As a kid, I loved the series “Lost In Space” and the theme tune was excellent. I was delighted when the series was made into a film but must admit to being quite disappointed when I finally saw it. However, the one good thing was the version of the original theme produced by Apollo 440, a true rocker of a song.


(83) Blur – Song 2

Blur never ceased to amaze me. I’ve never been a real fan of the band but in the numerous songs they have produced a couple of sparklers, none better than “Song 2” with Blur at their rocking best. Short and powerful.


(84) Depeche Mode - Home

“Home” is the most moving song that Depeche Mode have ever written. The album “Ultra” is my second favourite album by the band and this is the best song on that album. Still brings a tear to my eyes.


(85) Oasis – D’ya Know What I Mean

The album “Be Here Now” was the most hyped album I have come across in recent years and I was sucked in alongside every other person who lived “(What’s The Story) Morning Glory”. When this single was released I thought to myself “This band is just getting better and better”. Sadly, the rest of the album is a massive disappointment. However, the band hasn’t produced a track as superb as this. Epic.


(86) Radiohead – Karma Police

Radiohead are one of those bands you either love or hate; to be honest I don’t really like them. There are a couple of exceptional tracks though, “Karma Police” being the best by some distance. This is also a case where the video sold the song to me. The song is depressing and the video more so – but both are brilliant. The video in particular is one of my favourites of the nineties.


(87) Republica – Ready To Go

“Ready To Go” is an infectious pop song, given a rock feel for its release as a single. Great beat, great vocals, great chorus and used on loads of sports programmes. Awesome.


(88) Supergrass – Richard III

I really like “Richard III”, a great little rocker from a superb band. I wasn’t too keen on them at first but over the years they have grown on me a lot.


(89) Garbage – I Think I’m Paranoid

I really loved “Stupid Girl” but when I heard “I Think I’m Paranoid” I was totally blown away by it, so much so that I bought the album. I love everything about the song, the vocals, the guitars the drums. An awesome song!


(90) Roxette – I Wish I Could Fly

There aren’t many songs as beautiful as “I Wish I Could Fly” by Roxette. Wonderful – what more can I say?


91 to 100 to follow ....

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