Monday, 2 June 2008

100 Pop Songs (71 to 80)

Very roughly chronological again ...

(71) R.E.M. – Man On The Moon

I loved “Man On The Moon”, the biopic of Andy Kaufman, played superbly by Jim Carrey. To be honest I’d only seen Andy Kaufman in Taxi playing Latka Gravas and had no idea he was such a tragic cult figure. R.E.M.’s song of the same name also refers to Andy Kaufman and stands out in its own right.

(72) The Rolling Stones – Sympathy For The Devil

“Sympathy For The Devil” is an absolute classic from the legendary Rolling Stones. Released initially in 1968, I didn’t really listen to it in anger until 1994 when Guns ’n’ Roses released a superb cover of the song. I was so impressed that I dug out the original – only to find it was much better. Top tune!

(73) Pulp – I Spy

“Common People” was a classic from the album “Different Class” and it almost made it into this list. The only thing that stopped it was an even better track from the same album called “I Spy” which I think defines Pulp at their very best. Epic!

(74) Iggy Pop – Lust For Life

Everybody loved the film “Trainspotting” but for me the highlight was the fantastic “Lust For Life” from the incomparable Iggy Pop. This song has everything I love in a song; mad lyrics, pounding stomping beat and sung by an eccentric. Perfect!

(75) The Lightning Seeds With Frank Skinner and David Baddiel – Three Lions

Now I know that David Baddiel can’t sing and that Frank Skinner’s voice is bizarre, but this song is by far the best football song ever written. I was totally caught up in Euro 96, especially as it was in England and the highlight was the 4-1 destruction of Holland with the England crowd singing “It’s Coming Home, It’s Coming Home, It’s Coming. Football’s Coming Home”. Brings tears to my eyes.

(76) Massive Attack - Teardrop

In the mid-nineties I was introduced to the concept of “chill out” music; although in my opinion such music had existed for many years it gained a name and therefore became cool. Cool or not, “Teardrop” is a supreme example of this style of music and I swear there is nothing better than listening to it in a darkened room with candles, cuddling the woman you love. Massive!

(77) Morcheeba - Bulletproof

Moving on with the chill out theme, “Big Calm” by Morcheeba is another outstanding album full of wonderful relaxing songs. One of my favourites is the excellent “Bulletproof” …

(78) Morcheeba – The Sea

… but the best and coolest song on the album is “The Sea”, which conjures up an image of lying on a beach watching the world go by while sipping an ice cold glass of white wine with the one you love. Absolutely amazing!

(79) Robbie Williams – Let Me Entertain You

It seemed incredible that I could ever like anything from the pop machine that brought the world “Take That!” I despise boy bands with every cell in my ageing body and would love to ban bands like “Boyzone”, “Westlife” etc. to a desert island with no recording equipment of any kind. But there is an exception and that is Robbie Williams, who has produced a couple of gems – none better than this magnificent song with its accompanying Kiss-tribute video.

(80) Air – Le Femme D’Argent

“Moon Safari” is in my top five pop albums of all time and the French duo are the masters of producing atmospheric and ambient chill out music. Of all the beautiful tracks on that album, none is better than the epic opener, “La femme d’argent”, an instrumental masterpiece. Turn up the volume, turn down the lights, light those candles and lie down with you loved one in acoustic bliss.

81 to 90 to follow ...

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