Sunday, 1 June 2008

100 Pop Songs (61 to 70)

Vaguely chronological again ...

(61) Sisters Of Mercy – This Corrosion

Again, this song probably qualifies as a rock song but what the hell, it’s a little too gothic for that in my opinion so I’m including it as a pop song. The video introduced me to the band (I had never heard of them before) and I was so impressed that I bough the album “Floodland” as a result, only to find that the album version of this song was twice the length, a fantastic surprise.

(62) Sisters Of Mercy – Lucretia, My Reflection

“Floodland” is an outstanding album and this song is another diamond. I love how dark the song is and the constant bass line and drum beat add to the menacing overtones of the vocals. Gothic rock at its zenith.

(63) Julian Cope – World, Shut Your Mouth

Another foot stomper from the unique talent that is Julian Cope, with a pounding drum beat and a highly infectious sing-a-long chorus.

(64) Billy Idol – Hot In The City

I missed the original version of this song in 1982 but caught the remixed and re-released version in 1987. I don’t know what purists think but the latter remixed version is much more of a stomper than its predecessor.

(65) Julian Cope – Charlotte Anne

This is a stunning song that is unlike the previous other tracks I’ve listed from Julian Cope. Unlike those songs, “Charlotte Anne” is a bit of a spine-tingler for me. A timeless classic.

(66) Depeche Mode - Clean

Depeche Mode were very prominent in the early eighties, coming across as a squeaky clean pure pop band. Those early songs were okay but didn’t set my world alight. All that changed with the album “Violator” where the band suddenly took a different direction with a harder and darker edge to their music. It is still one of my favourite albums and the best track is the brilliant “Clean”, that reminds me in places of Pink Floyd.

(67) Enya – Caribbean Blue

Sometimes there is nothing better than to relax listening to a little bit of atmospheric music and there are few artists who produce more calming and beautiful music than Enya. From the album “Shepherd Moons”, this song is so exquisite that it makes me want to cry.

(68) R.E.M. – Losing My Religion
I loved this song the moment I heard it. REM had been around for a while and were about to become huge. Thankfully, before they released “Shiny Happy People”, this song just crawled into the top twenty and was proof for me that the band was much more than a producer of pop pap (which “Shiny Happy People” had in abundance).

(69) Richard Marx – Hazard

I hate the likes of Michael Bolton and other purveyors of sentimental AOR bilge and when I heard Richard Marx’s first big single “Right Here Waiting For You” I despised it with venom. A couple of years later, he released “Hazard” and I was flabbergasted. It is a beautiful sad AOR ballad that I never thought I would like. Lyrically it is wonderful and is yet another song that sadly makes me blub like a baby. Wonderful!

(70) Depeche Mode – I Feel You

My favourite song by Depeche Mode is “I Feel You” from the follow up to “Violator” called “Songs Of Faith And Devotion”. It is even darker than their previous singles and is a real heavy stomper of a song that is totally different from ay of their earlier poppy efforts. Pounding drums and guitar – something I would never have expected. Delightful!

71 to 80 to follow ...

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