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100 Rock Songs (31 to 40)

The next bunch – again roughly chronological …

(31) Thin Lizzy – Thunder And Lightning

“Thunder And Lightning” was the last album by Thin Lizzy and arguably the best. It is certainly my favourite and heavier than a lot of their previous offerings. The title track is a great example of this. Subtle it is not. Fantastic.

(32) Yes – Owner Of A Lonely Heart

Fans of Yes are not generally fans of “Owner Of A Lonely Heart”. From a personal point of view, though, I think the song is wonderful. Okay it is a little commercial and more of a pop song than a rock song to be fair. Despite this, I think it works and Yes fans who moan should take the song on its own merits. Classy.

(33) Deep Purple – Perfect Strangers

Deep Purple reformed in 1984 with the greatest line up, the Mark IV version, with Ian Gillan, Ritchie Blackmore, Roger Glover, Ian Paice and of course Jon Lord. “Perfect Strangers” the album was the result and the title track was released as the first single. And what a song it is. I’ve seen the band a couple of times and one of the highlights is the performance of this deep and moody number complete with lasers. Excellent.

(34) Whitesnake – Slow And Easy

“Slow And Easy” is a bluesy masterpiece from Whitesnake, just before David Coverdale ditched this line up and set sail for superstardom in America. A real foot stomping song and shows Whitesnake at their very best. Unbeatable.

(35) Faith No More – We Care A Lot

“We Care A Lot” is a great song by Faith No More with a superb bass line and great lyrics. To be honesty I prefer the band when Mike Patton was singing (he’s not present on this song) and have been fortunate to see him actually perform it. Top tune.

(36) Megadeth – Peace Sells

I must admit that I didn’t really like Megadeth in the 1980’s. They were just a little too heavy for me. However, when I played “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City” the song cropped up on the radio and it grew on me immensely, so much in fact that after several plays I was hooked. I rate it as one of the finest truly heavy metal songs from that decade. Heavy!

(37) Rush – Turn The Page

“Hold Your Fire” is a classic Rush album full of fabulous songs. Every song is a classic in my view and “Turn The Page” is the best of them. Turn the volume up full and ascend into prog rock heaven. Songs like this prove that Rush are the greatest band on the planet.

(38) Whitesnake – Still Of The Night

David Coverdale morphed the Whitesnake I loved into a big-haired American rock band in 1987 and stripped away the blues to produce an album full of appeal to young college students. I was sad when I first heard the album “1987”. However, one track stood out a mile. “Still Of The Night” is a masterpiece and I take my hat off to David Coverdale for giving the world this fabulous track amongst AOR banality. What’s more, the accompanying video features Tawny Kitaen – say no more! Brilliant.

(39) Aerosmith – Rag Doll

Aerosmith are massive and have produced some great music over the decades. My favourite album is the first one I bought; “Permanent Vacation” from the late eighties. I bought it on the strength of two songs, one of which is featured in this list. “Rag Doll” is a superb feelgood song. Aerosmith are also one of the best bands I have seen live. Amazing.

(40) Gary Moore – Over The Hills And Far Away

Gary Moore now sings the blues and while it is admirable that he has gone back to his roots and the music he loves, it is such a shame that he has left behind the pure belting rock music he performed in the eighties. “Over The Hills And Far Away” is a classic Celtic rock anthem, with pounding drums and violins. Unbeatable.

41 to 50 to follow …

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