Sunday, 6 October 2019


It’s Sunday and time for another set of Sunday Stealing questions.

Looking at today’s questions, I feel that I may have to rein myself in as I do tend to give long answers. Let’s see shall we?

[ 15 things that make you smile ]

Many things make me smile – I am a happy person on the whole. Here is a selection…

(1) A happy Mrs PM is a happy PM.
(2) Kittens at play.
(3) The first pint of ale after a long and tedious week at work.
(4) A decent comedy show.
(5) A win for my favourite football team, Walsall FC (a rare event this season).
(6) The sun setting or rising above a calm ocean in southern Europe
(7) Seeing one of my favourite rock bands live.
(8) A relaxing holiday walk.
(9) Leaving work on a Friday afternoon.
(10) A sunny day.
(11) A great science fiction novel.
(12) A brilliant movie.
(13) Progressive rock music.
(14) Writing down my thoughts.
(15) An evening out with friends.

[ 14 things that make you frown ]

This list is almost endless but I will try to be short …

(1) Brexit.
(2) Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party.
(3) Nigel Farage.
(4) Piers Morgan.
(5) Nasty people generally, particularly malignant narcissists.
(6) Bigotry of any kind.
(7) Donald Trump.
(8) Being ill.
(9) Reality TV.
(10) January and February.
(11) Rap “music”.
(12) Tabloid newspapers.
(13) Wasps.
(14) Rhubarb.

[ 13 things you see every day ]

Assuming I am not travelling somewhere …

(1) A laptop of some description, either my own at home or my work laptop.
(2) My toothbrush.
(3) My phone.
(4) My wallet.
(5) My car.
(6) A television of some kind.
(7) My glasses.
(8) A cup of tea.
(9) My bed.
(10) My watch.
(11) My IPod.
(12) My Kindle.
(13) My front door.

[ 12 things you have always wanted to try ]

(1) Learn to play a guitar.
(2) Speak at least one foreign language fluently.
(3) Write and publish a novel.
(4) Drive a super car around a very easy racetrack.
(5) Write a rock song.
(6) Go on a round the world trip.
(7) Brew my own beer or wine.
(8) Living abroad.
(9) Being an extra in a blockbuster movie.
(10) Spend a week in The Peninsular Hotel in Hong Kong.
(11) Research my family tree.
(12) Go on a complete tour with one of my favourite rock bands just joining in backstage.

[ 11 objects that mean a lot to you ]

(1) My CD collection.
(2) My house.
(3) My photo collection.
(4) My leather bound Bible inherited from my grandparents (they were religious and I am not but it is a beautiful book that reminds me of them).
(5) My football programme collection.
(6) The watch I was given for 25 years of service at work.
(7) My terracotta warrior (a prize won by my mother-in-law; she didn’t want it and offered it to us. I almost bit her hand off. I have kept it even though Mrs PM wants to get rid of it now – it reminds me of my trip to Xi’an to see the real thing).
(8) Various souvenirs I have picked up on my travels.
(9) My book collection (the reference books Mrs Pm cannot persuade me to get rid of).
(10) My phone – I would be lost without it.
(11) My glasses – I would be blind without them.

[ 10 places you have been ]

I have been to some very interesting places. I shall go for some of the countries…

(1) Russia.
(2) China.
(3) The United States of America.
(4) Australia.
(5) Brazil.
(6) Japan.
(7) South Africa.
(8) Vietnam.
(9) Thailand.
(10) Canada.

[ 9 of your favourite foods ]

Off the top of my head …

(1) Cheese.
(2) Steak.
(3) Pork.
(4) Bangers and mash.
(5) Roast chicken.
(6) Paella.
(7) Any Chinese stir fry.
(8) Most curries.
(9) Pasta.

[ 8 things you would rather be doing ]

(1) Travelling.
(2) Not working (i.e. having retired).
(3) Watching a football match.
(4) Watching a live rock band.
(5) Having a pint or two down the local pub.
(6) Lounging around on a beach with Mrs PM.
(7) Walking in the countryside.
(8) Spending quality time with family and friends.

[ 7 things you would take to a deserted island ]

(1) A decent infinite electricity supply so that I could use electrical equipment and charge all of my gizmos.
(2) A music player of some description with all of my CDs.
(3) A Kindle crammed full of books.
(4) A massive tent with a fridge.
(5) A very loyal pack of vicious dogs to protect me.
(6) A laptop with a backup drive and a connection to the internet.
(7) A vast collection of clothes.

[ 6 things you wish you never had to do ]

(1) Go to work.
(2) Iron.
(3) Cook.
(4) Clean.
(5) Rant at politicians.
(6) Gardening.

[ 5 people that mean the world to you ]

Mrs PM, my two sons and my two sisters.

[ 4 of your biggest fears ]

(1) Heights.
(2) Public speaking.
(3) Big spiders.
(4) Pain

[ 3 words to describe how you feel right now ]

Happy, hungry, thirsty.

[ 2 things you're excited for ]

Planning next years holidays and a university reunion in Barcelona next weekend.

[ 1 thing you want to say to someone ]

To Boris Johnson: Stop lying and resign now you scruffy, arrogant, bullshitting, embarrassing clown.


Bev Sykes said...

Laughed at your message to Johnson...I could send the same to Trump!

You and I have been to many of the same places. I was at Xi'an too...aren't the warriors amazing?

Elephant's Child said...

I would like to give your speech to Boris to rather a lot of politicians. Here and abroad.
My father said 'it doesn't matter who you vote for you get a politician' and sadly he was right.

The Gal Herself said...

Seeing Piers Morgan on your list made me smile. We had him here in the States for a while and I watched him, because he got such good guests. But boy, he got on my nerves!

And I wouldn't mind sharing your sentiment for Boris Johnson with Donald Trump. Alas, narcissists don't resign, do they?

Stacy said...

I dislike public speaking, too, though there are some situations that it doesn't bother me. Go figure. No real rhyme or reason to it.

You're another whose travels I'm jealous of. I seem to have missed the traveling boat if it involves going further than Canada.

Christmas hoopla is already starting here even though we have Halloween

Stacy said...

You're another one whose travels I'm envious of. I seem to have missed the boat on least if it involves going further out of the country than Canada.

Re your comment on my blog, Christmas craziness is already starting here. I've seen Hallmark Christmas movies, Christmas books, and decorations in the stores so far.

River said...

If you took an electricity supply to a deserted island, it wouldn't remain deserted very long. All manner of people would drop in to get their phones and other equipment charged, some would stay overnight, or a week, one would build a structure of some kind and before you know it a town would spring up and you have to leave and find yourself another deserted island. Just take a box of books, a little piano and something to catch fish in. No electricity needed.

Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Bev,

The warriors are incredible. It is one of the highlights of my travels.




Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi EC,

Wise words indeed. I totally agree (though most polticians aren't as scruffy as the fool we have as a PM).




Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi The Gal Herself,

Piers Morgan has been around in the UK for years and years and we were hoping that you would keep the obnoxious git - sadlym you saw through him too and we have to suffer him again.

I wonder whether we can send him to Australia next (sorry Aussies)!




Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Stacey,

Christmas hasn't quite started here it - it's only a matter of days I reckon.

I hate public speaking with a passion and have had to do it many times in the past. Now I just say NO!

It works.




Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi River,

You have me sussed. I wouldn't want to go to a desert island full stop unless there were people and facilities there.