Thursday 4 December 2008


Well it’s finally happened! I’ve been busted!

I have been trying to keep my blog a secret from the prying eyes of my work colleagues. I wanted to remain anonymous and have a bit of fun ranting and raving to the world via the internet.

Unfortunately in a moment of amazing stupidity, I let it slip that I had a blog. I was even more incredibly stupid, when pressed for the address because I said “There’s no way you will find it – go ahead! Have a go!” These guys work in IT and love a challenge.

After a day’s worth of searching by a number of people, my blog was finally discovered, with photos of myself made up as Gene Simmons to confirm my identity and give me away.

Well now they know who I am and I expect a lot of people who know me will be hitting the pages and reading my innermost thoughts.

I was disappointed at first, and a little concerned, but thinking about it, this can all work out to my advantage as long as I am careful what I say. And I tell you what, I have some stories to tell about those very people who will be reading this blog.

How about my mate who …

Ah – one for another time maybe.

I have this message for my workmates:

Hi folks – I hope you enjoy reading the blog and please feel free to comment. Note – comments will be moderated so you will not be able to post (any more) embarrassing revelations about me. Also, you should note, that I have stories about most of you and also, lots and lots of photos. I will have even more after Saturday’s Christmas Party and the Christmas pub crawl, which I will be happy to post.

Seriously though, welcome to my world and I hope you have fun reading the blog. You may even see a story or two about yourselves. Of course, I will be discrete and not use your real names – well maybe ...


Anonymous said...


I think there are so many people enjoy to see this post because the cat is so confusing after the mistake.

Anonymous said...

I haven't told family or friends about my blog but keep in mind to not write anything that I'd be embarrassed for my mom to read. I guess that keeps me in line when I'm feeling wicked!

Plastic Mancunian said...

I'm lucky that I haven't posted anything bad. The blog actually seems to be going down well, but nobody has commented so far. I have a mind to start a new blog and keep this one as my "public" blog. That way I can sink back into anonymity again.



Plastic Card said...

Great post. lol