Saturday 18 December 2021

Fauxklore, Part 2

Welcome to a sunny but chilly day in South Manchester. I am not going to chat about Omicron today because I have finished work for the year and can now relax for the holiday period and stay happy. I am looking forward to Christmas as are you all, I hope.

Without further ado, let’s dive into a continuation of last week’s sill questions from Sunday Stealing

16. Do you want any piercings?

Absolutely not. I am squeamish anyway and the thought of sticking a needle into my body is repulsive. This last year I have had four vaccinations (three Covid-19 and one flu) and that is four more than I can put up with. To voluntarily pierce my skin for a so-called aesthetic effect is a completely alien desire to me.

I struggle to imagine why anybody would do it. I have seen some really bizarre piercings in my life and I simply don’t get it – even simple ones like ear piercings.

It makes no sense.

17. What’s your mouse pad look like?

I have two mouse pads. The first is one that by youngest son gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago and is basically a picture of him looking like a maniac. The second is another gift, this time from a mate, but is the official mouse mat of my favourite football team, Walsall. Of course, as usual, when I say “football” I mean what Americans call soccer rather than the poor imitation of Rugby that Americans call football.

18. Have you ever been to a psychic/tarot reader?

No and I have no intention of ever doing so. I am sorry but I find all that kind of stuff to be nonsense (apologies to my blogging buddy Pandora who I know is very much into it).

19. How do you identify spiritually (do you follow a religion, what do you think about soul/spirit, etc.)?

My approach to spirituality has been through a few phases. As a child, I was brought up as a Roman Catholic and was indoctrinated from birth all the way through to the age of sixteen via school, family, friends and of course the church itself. At that age, I changed my view because of my ever increasing science background and I questioned religion and everything to do with it. For the next couple of years until university, I started to see what was happening with people who are, what I would describe as evangelical Christians, who told me that, as a Catholic, I wasn’t even a proper Christian.

That angered me, so I rebelled against them.

After that, I have mellowed. I am still a victim of indoctrination as my Catholic background vaguely resonates within but over the past few decades I have moved away from it. I don’t go to church and I ignore any and all attempts to bring me back into the fold, even when discussing with evangelicals, Jehovah’s Witnesses and other religions. I respect their views and listen rather than arguing.

I do see now that religion provides comfort and hope for people so if you are a devoted member of any religion then, as long as you aren’t harming people, I am happy for you to embrace your chosen faith.

Am I spiritual in any way? Not really but I am fascinated with the scientific theory of what may happen to the essence of who I am when I finally pass on.

I guess I’ll find out then.

I would quite like to be a ghost actually as long as I had free reign over the planet. Maybe I can travel the world after death. That would be good.

20. Do you prefer your nails long or short?

Definitely short. I have very strong nails and they have to be trimmed on a regular basis.

21. What are your favourite smells?

I think I may have answered this before:

•             Bacon

•             The smell of the English countryside on a summer’s day

•             Coffee being brewed

•             Baking bread

•             The smell of the ocean

22. Do you still use a radio or just use your phone/computer for music?

I use the radio to wake up in the morning but I don’t listen to music on it as, typically, they don’t play the music I like and the DJs are annoying shiny happy people. Instead I prefer to listen to Radio 4 and the news.

When I listen to music at home, it is either through the speakers connected to my laptop or using our Sonos speaker. When out and about, I use my iPod which has my entire CD collection stored on it.

In my car, I still use CDs.

23. What kind of socks do you prefer to wear?

The typical kind of sock you will see in a men’s clothes shop. There is one exception – I wear those small ones that just cover my feet when I wear shorts.

24. Do you have any family heirlooms?

I only have one – a leather bound Bible that my very strict Catholic grandfather had. It was created in 1950 and was passed down to my mum and then me. I will pass it down to my eldest lad – though what he will do I have no idea as he is definitely not religious in any way. TO be fair, I only keep it myself because of my grandad.

25. Are there any musicians you didn't like at first but grew on you?

I would say that Gary Numan falls into that category. At university a mate of mine tried to brainwash me into listening to him but I was into heavy metal at the time and absolutely refused to do it. However, a few years ago, I heard a song by him and I actually loved it. I have bought his last three albums and started to revisit his early catalogue. And in May 2022 (Omicron permitting) I am going to see him in Manchester.

Here is an oldie and a new one for you.

26. Is there anything you used to love but now dislike?

The only thing that leaps to mind is sugar. I don’t dislike sugar as such but I rarely use it now. For example, I used to drink really sweet coffee and tea each with about four spoons of sugar in them. These days I don’t have any sugar in either. What’s more, I drink my coffee black now too.  

27. Your favourite place to be aside from your home?

Travelling somewhere. I’ve forgotten what it is like to travel.

28. What is your favourite kind of tea?

I drink what Americans would call “English Breakfast” tea, the stronger the better. In fact, I’m going to have a cup right now.

29. Any old home remedies you use when you're sick?

I have been know to have a hot toddy when I have a bad cold.

What’s a hot toddy? I hear you cry?

It’s a hot whiskey based drink with lemon and honey. I’m not a fan of whiskey at all – nor honey in fact - but if I have a cold and can barely taste, it provides you with a soothing remedy for a sore throat and the warmth and burning of the whiskey really helps.

Usually I stick to scientifically proven remedies though.

30. What level of brightness do you usually keep your phone at?

My phone adjusts automatically depending on the external brightness. That’s good enough for me.


Elephant's Child said...

I pretty much grew up without religion except for what was dinned into us at school. Which didn't stick. Like you I am happy that it brings people comfort but despise it when it gives people an excuse to harm or condemn others.
I like English Breakfast tea too. I do NOT like Early Grey. There is a song about it which says (among other things) is it perfume or is it pee...

Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi EC,

Oh yes - I hate Earl Grey too. I've tried it once and once only.




Lori said...

I am a Christian, but I do not like how some Christians can be judgmental. I never believed it was my job to know someone's heart. I believe whatever religion you are it is what is in your heart and how you feel and believe in God. I had to learn that people are going to be that way (judgey) and I could not allow that to come between myself and my relationship with God. Anyway, I know what you mean. Loved your answers! Have a nice week.

CountryDew said...

I like English Breakfast tea, but stopped drinking tea last year when I developed an ulcer. I think a traveling ghost is a great idea - fantastic idea for a book, actually.

Kwizgiver said...

A hot toddy can work wonders--and I agree, it's even better if I've lost my senses of smell and taste!

Lisa said...

I enjoyed your answers today. When we were in Ireland in October, we were served a lot of hot tea and I did enjoy it on a cool, rainy day!

Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Lori,

It's great that you are a Christian and I am happy for you to choose whatever path you like. As I said, releigion is a comfort and if that makes you feel fulfilled then it is a good thing.




Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi CD,

Yes - as soon as I thought of the ghost idea I thought it would make a good story.




Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Kwizgiver,

The loss of taste helps - I wouldn't have one if I weren't ill because it would taste horrible. It's the sensation I prefer rather than the taste.




Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Lisa,

Tea in the whole British Isles is amazing. I hope you enjoyed Ireland - I must go back there myself.