Sunday 5 September 2021

10 From 100

Welcome to a sunny and warm South Manchester on day 49 following our resident clown’s declaration of freedom from Covid-19. Infection rates are steady but rising ever so slowly, hospitalisation due to Covid-19 is steady and the number of deaths a day is still rising slightly. But the powers that be, as incompetent as they are, seem happy to allow it to continue as is, as we head in Autumn here in the UK. This time last year, the rates all climbed as the temperatures fell and the nights became longer. Unlike last year though, 88% of the adult population have had at least one vaccine with about 78% being fully immunised.

The coming week is a strange one for me. I am going into the office tomorrow for the first time since Macrh 2020, just for a couple of days, and today I have to test myself with the government supplied test. I don’t know how accurate it is but if I have Covid-19 it should yield a positive result. 

It is the first test I have done and, as far as I know, I haven’t actually had Covid-19. I certainly don’t think I have it, as I feel absolutely fine, with no symptoms whatsoever. But my company has mandated that we have to test ourselves twice a week if we are to return to the office, ergo I have to, even though I will be working part time in the office and part time at home from now on.

That is life, living with Covid-19 folks. 

Shall we answer some silly questions from Sunday Stealing

1.What's your favourite TV channel to watch in the middle of the night?

I rarely watch TV in the middle of the night. If I do, I will channel surf until I find something interesting or, most likely, just watch the news or a late night comedy show.

2.Which decade do you feel the most special connection to and why?

The 1980’s. I love that decade and have many fond memories of it. I entered the decade aged 17, still living at home in Walsall and studying for A-levels, having never travelled abroad and barely even travelled outside Walsall (if I am honest). I left the decade aged 27, married, with a university degree, a job in an IT company, having moved to Manchester and travelled abroad often enough to get completely bitten by the travel bug.

My life changed so much in that decade. 

I loved the music, the fashion, the movies, the TV and the entire lunacy of the decade – perhaps summed up in the following songs:

3.What is your favourite oldie/classic rock song?

As you can imagine, I have hundreds of them. Here is one of my favourites:

4.What Disney villain are you the most like and why?

I love Shere Kahn from the Jungle Book. He is just so cool and has an amazing voice (provided by George Sanders). 

5.Have you ever been a girl scout/boy scout?

No – thank goodness!

6.If you were travelling to another continent would you rather fly or take a boat?

I would fly, of course. A boat to the USA or Africa would take ages and even longer if I had to go further afield, like Asia or Australia. I’ve been on a cruise before and to be honest I got a little stir-crazy. It is much better to fly.

7. What are three of your favourite dog names of all time?

I have to dig into my past for dog names. I would feel like a traitor if I chose any names other than dogs I have owned or that have been owned by my family. Here are my three:

Paddy, Rinty and Beric.

8. How do you feel when you see a rainbow?

I feel it is time to quickly get my camera out and capture it. Like this one, I captured in Liverpool:

9. If you were in the Land of Oz would you want to live there or go home?

I would want to go home. It looks like a mad place to me, with witches, wizards, talking lions, talking scarecrows (we have one as Prime Minister and he has no brains either), talking and moving tin men and flying monkeys. 

10. What is the first word that comes to mind when you see the word:

Air: Music

Meat: Pork

Different: Eccentric

Pink: Elephant

Deserve: Merit

White: Snake

Elvis: Burger

Magic: Moment

Heart: Beat

Clash: Colour

Pulp: Fiction

I hope nobody is going to psychoanalyse me based on those choices and send the men in white coats around.


Me, Myself, and I said...

Shere Khan! One of my favorite disney characters ever. So deliciously evil. And that voice :) Great choice, PM.

Susan said...

I love your rainbow picture. I should have added mine. I went back and added it.

Kwizgiver said...

I picked the 80s, too--the music! The movies!

The Gal Herself said...

Here we have Trump and the Q-Anon Shaman who stormed the nation's Capitol shirtless. I admit the witches and flying monkeys make more sense to me.

I am scheduled to return to the office October 4. We had to provide proof of vaccination, and we'll be masked if anyone is within 6 feet of us (honor system). I'd prefer testing, but it's hard to find quick testing sites.

Bev Sykes said...

My daughter works at Berklee College of Music and she has to test several times a week. Walt is retired, but he gets tested once a week. I get tested occasionally, after we've been in a group settinhg. I have a hard time getting tested because I have a dry mouth and it's difficult to get enough saliva for the tube.

Love the rainbow picture.

Elephant's Child said...

I hope your return to the workplace goes well and that you continue to test clear.

Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Me, Myself and I,

"Deliciously evil" - I couldn't have put it better myself.




Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Susan,

You can't beat a good rainbow picture.




Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Kwizgiver,

Yes - the movies were great fun.




Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Gal Herself,

I've heard of Q-Anon - they are absolutely batshit crazy!




Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Bev,

I've done my test now and, surprise, surprise, I was negative.




Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi EC,

It's not a full time return - it's two or three days in the rest at home - forever - or at least until I retire.




CountryDew said...

You did a great job with this meme! Bravo. I think we are very close in age. You are maybe a year or so older? Good luck with your job tomorrow. I hope things go well.

Stacy said...

Loved the musical clips today...we are, indeed, close in age. If I'm figuring right, I'm 2 years younger. I'm surprised that you didn't go the way a few of us did with Clash. I would have guessed you'd be one to think of The Clash. Thanks for sharing a bit about life at the start every week. I like hearing from a real person, rather than the news, what life is looking like there.

Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi CD,

Things went fine. The test wasn't pleasant but I haven't got Covid - which I kinda knew.




Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Stacey,

I almost put Casbah (as in Rock the Casbah) but Mrs PM is always saying - "Those colours clash!" when I am looking at clothes.