Saturday 13 February 2016

Things My Cats Might Say

They say that an Englishman’s home is his castle. In my case, my own home is not my castle. It belongs to my three black cats.

Regular readers will know that three of these creatures rule my house.

The lord and master is Jasper, a fat furry blimp who spends most of his time asleep, only waking up to eat. He has a sixth sense that wakes him up whenever we go into the kitchen. He is a greedy moggy who eats for Britain. I also call him Fatty, Lardarse and, my current favourite, Monster.

Jasper in his usual position!
Next is Poppy, sister to Jasper, who is scared of everything, including me, and spends most of her time hiding or sleeping with one eye open in case there’s a shadow in the room. I also call her Crappy (because she is genuinely a crap cat). Mrs PM calls her Princess (which is probably more accurate).

Poppy about to flee from the great beast with mad hair - i.e. ME!!
Finally, we have Liquorice, a late addition to our feline family, who is the exact opposite of Poppy. She is a hellcat who has two traits – friendly condescension and extreme violence. Since her arrival our house has become a moggy warzone when she crosses paths with either of the other two. I call her Lickity and one of our friends calls her by my favourite name which just about sums her up: Slasher. Everybody who has come to our house and tried to stroke her has been attacked. Out of all the people in the house, I am her favourite – and she regularly scratches and/or bites me.

Move - or I will kill you!
In the middle of all this, I am a peacekeeping general dogsbody, slave to their every whim and less important to them than the deposits they leave in their litter trays.

Of course, Mrs PM dotes on them like they are children, when the reality is that they are black killing machines from which no tiny creature is safe.

Recently, Jasper has become very vocal, howling after every meal and every time we walk past him. It’s not just a silent miaow; it’s a deep almost growling noise that is reminiscent of one of his larger African cousins.

“I wonder why he does that?” I’ve asked Mrs PM.

“He’s probably just letting everyone know that he is king of the house, “ she says.

She’s probably right – and it’s has got my weird brain thinking about what he really is saying.

Here are my speculative guesses:

“All hail me, King of all I survey. Bow before my magnificence!”

“You! Slave! Prepare my dinner immediately, lest I bite your feet.”

“I have just produced a most disgusting crap and the smell offends me. By the way, I missed the litter tray because it was so big. Dispose of it immediately!”

“Do not touch me! I am preparing for my pre-sleep nap.”

“If you touch me again, I shall remove your face with my claws!”

“Oh yes – down a bit – up a bit – now scratch! Aaaahhh – that’s better. Now I can sleep.”

Poppy, the coward, might just be saying:

“Oh God! Here comes that ugly monster with the weird hair. Please help me!”

“You call that food? A mouse tastes much better – get me one!”

“What’s that? A shadow? AARRRRGGHHHHH!!!”

“Yes I know it’s 3 o’clock in the morning – but  I’m hungry!”

“I feel sick. Where shall I vomit? Ah – just here outside  the big blonde oaf’s bedroom door.”

Liquorice might just say:

“I’m comfortable on your knee. Move one muscle and I shall tear your limbs from your torso and feed them to next door’s dog.”

“I need something to attack. Ah! Here comes the blond punchbag – claws at the ready …”

“Decisions! Decisions! Shall I rub up against him or attack his bare leg? Decision made – claws at the ready …”

“There’s a killer on the loose again – and it’s ME!!”

“I want cat treats now – THIS INSTANT! You have five seconds before I rip your throat out. Oh thanks! You live to feed me another day.”

Trust me – that’s what I believe they would say and I am sure that Mrs PM agrees with me.

Oh oh! Liquorice has just jumped onto the computer desk and Jasper is watching with interest. I think I need to feed her otherwise this could be my last blog post.

Come on, your highness - let's get you some food.


Elephant's Child said...

I am pretty certain that if Jazz could speak English I would be obliged to wash out his mouth. Which would result in me bleeding.
He and Liquorice share more than their black pelts. When Jazz (who started his life as Jazzpurr which made me feel unwell) is nice he is very, very nice. It can't be relied on though.

River said...

My Angel is currently out in the back porch, probably thinking and wondering why some days it's acceptable for him to jump up on the table and get scratched and belly-rubbed until he falls asleep, and other days he gets shooed off as soon as he jumps up. or he could be just sleeping. He's not much of a 'jump and slash' kitty these days, but he did bite me yesterday when I touched a sore spot during our scratch and rub session.
I wonder if colour has anything to do with a cat being a slasher?

Jackie K said...

I do believe my black cat might be in touch with your black cats. She would say some very similar things I'm sure. Also:
"That dog is ridiculous, get rid of him IMMEDIATELY. And please inform him that his belief that we are friends is mistaken."

Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi EC,

I purposely didn't include any profanities - especially from the hellcat.

Liquorice is actually very friendly but turns in the blink of an eye if you aren't careful.




Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi River,

I don't think colour has anythng to do with it because Jasper and Poppy rarely bite (only when provoked by a bout of cat baiting - in which case I deserve it).




Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Jachie,

We had a cat and dog when I was a child. The cat ruled the dog - and the rest of the house. His name was Midge and he made our hellcat seem like an angel.

I still bear the scars ...




JahTeh said...

I have a white cat who hates the black cat across the street and the feeling is mutual.
My dear has two thoughts, the food bowl is empty and don't move me, I'm comfortable. I do believe he chased a cat toy, once. The only bruises I have from him is when he's moving his bulk across my tender skin.

Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi JT,

Most cats hate their neighbours - mine included.

Your cat sounds just like Jasper.