Tuesday, 1 July 2008

100 Rock Songs (91 To 100)

The final ten …

(91) Foo Fighters – Come Back

As I have already said, there are hidden gems on most albums. Forget the singles; listen to the other tracks. From the album “One By One”, the Foos have written such a gem. I have to say that this song sends shivers down my spine, such is its appeal. The Foo Fighters just keep getting better and better. For those fans who have yet to buy an album or see the band live – just do it. They are one of the best bands around at the moment.


(92) Marilyn Manson – mObscene

I never thought I’d like Marilyn Manson. When I first encountered his music I assumed he was just another shock-jockey trying to be controversial to sell records as a poor Alice Cooper clone. Yet the more I hear him the more I realise that his songs are actually very appealing. “mObscene” is a great example of this. Criticize it if you will but you cannot deny it is a fantastic rock song.


(93) Velvet Revolver – Do It For The Kids

You can wait forever for a Guns ‘n’ Roses album but if you want something similar look no further than Velvet Revolver, a band made up of former members of the gunners and in many ways better. Okay, they’ve had their issues with Scott Weiland but you can’t deny that they are great. “Chinese Democracy” will only appear when Axl Rose pulls his finger out a certain orifice but in the meantime Velvet Revolver are still there. “Do It For The Kids” is a great song – hope you enjoy it.


(94) The Wildhearts – O.C.D.

The Wildhearts keep self-destructing and still come back – and thankfully they are still around despite the ups and downs. From the album of “B-sides” called “Coupled With” comes a typical barn-storming Wildhearts classic that gets the crowd leaping around like crazy folks.


(95) Ginger – Drinking In The Daytime

Nowadays, the Wildhearts seem to have settled down and are still together but these days Ginger has produced a few solo albums. The best so far is “Valor Del Corazon”, a double album recorded at a turning point in the great man’s life with some of the best songs he has written. From that album comes “Drinking In The Daytime”, a song that would fit snugly on a Wildhearts album. Epic.


(96) Ginger – My Friend The Enemy

From the same album comes “My Friend The Enemy”, another cracking song worthy of the Wildhearts. As is typical of Ginger’s output it is highly contagious and will have you singing away with your air guitar. Sadly the snippet below doesn’t do it justice – trust me, listen top “Valor Del Corazon”. You will love it.


(97) Nine Inch Nails – The Hand That Feeds

Trent Reznor has become quite prolific in recent years. It all started with the album “With Teeth”, which some fans didn’t rate as highly as his previous masterpieces. I beg to differ. I regard it as a work of genius and “The Hand That Feeds” is the best song on the album. At the moment I just can’t get enough of Nine Inch Nails and the more prolific Trent Reznor becomes the better. Long may he reign.


(98) Rammstein - Benzin

“Benzin” comes from the latest album from Rammstein called “Rosenrot”. While not quite as heavy as the earlier offerings it is still a great CD. Accompanied by a great video it is the best song on the album. Rumour has it that the band are working on their next album. Personally I can’t wait. BENZIN!!!


(99) Queensr├┐che – Signs Say Go

Queensyche went off the boil for years and I was delighted to hear that they had recorded a follow up to “Operation Mindcrime” called imaginatively “Operation Mindcrime 2”. I’m pleased to say that it is a welcome return to form and though not as good as the original, it stands up on its own merits. “Signs Say Go” is a cracking track and the link below doesn’t do it justice. A piece of trivia – I was at the gig below so I witnessed this performance first hand and I have to say it was magnificent (I didn’t do the filming though).


(100) Ten – The Elysian Fields

The final song is from the latest Ten album called “The Twilight Chronicles”. It is a mellow piece of melodic beauty that generates goosebumps and shivers for a whole seven minutes. A true masterpiece – check out the album if you can – sadly there are no links to it. Stunning.

Well – that’s it. The problem is now that as I buy new albums I may have to revise both lists. Maybe I will in a few years time – its too soon now. I hope there are people out there who find my list of songs agreeable – let me know if you so desire.

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