Tuesday, 27 May 2008

100 Pop Songs (41 to 50)

Again in no particular order (though vaguely chronological) ...

(41) Spandau Ballet – Instinction

I always thought Spandau Ballet were merely okay at best. The band were a little too squeaky clean and shiny for me and I couldn’t whip up much enthusiasm for them at all. “Instinction” changed all that (though what “Stealing cake to eat the moon” means is beyond me).


(42) Icehouse – Hey Little Girl

I think that “Hey Little Girl” is a lovely little song, sung by a vocalist who I originally thought was Bryan Ferry. It is one of those typical early eighties songs that sends a major shiver up my spine whenever I hear it.


(43) Simple Minds – Waterfront

Early music by Simple Minds passed me by. Although I was exposed it, thanks to my sisters, the band didn’t interest me at all. However, “Waterfront” marched up to me and said “What do you think of THIS then?” and I became a convert. From that point on I loved the band, though this is still my favourite song by the band by quite some distance.


(44) Tears For Fears – Change

I am not embarrassed to say that Tears For Fears were one of my favourite bands of the eighties. Every one of their singles from their first two albums were all absolute gems, “Change” being one of their greatest efforts.


(45) Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Two Tribes

I was totally swept along by the phenomenon that was Frankie Goes To Hollywood in 1984. Their first single “Relax” surprised me but “Two Tribes” absolutely blew me away with its sheer brilliance. I bought the album “Welcome To The Pleasure Dome” and my sisters between them had every twelve inch version of this incredible song.


(46) Jon And Vangelis – State Of Independence

Donna Summer famously did a cover of this song that reached a much higher position in the charts. While that is not a bad effort, I much prefer the original version with Jon Anderson’s unique voice and the keyboard talent of the brilliant Vangelis. I’m sure that this version hasn’t received as much airplay but if you listen carefully you will hopefully agree with me.


(47) Talk Talk – It’s My Life

Gwen Stefani’s version of this song rode high in the charts recently and I have to say it was a superb version. Call me a traditionalist if you like but again I prefer the original by Talk Talk, one of the most underrated bands of the 1980’s. A great song by a great band.


(48) Tears For Fears – Shout

“Songs From The Big Chair” is my favourite pop album of the 1980’s and just about every single song on it as a masterpiece. I bought the album on the strength of “Shout” and played it so much that the vinyl almost melted. It is a true work of genius.


(49) ZZ Top - Legs

I suppose that ZZ Top possibly falls into the “rock” category but they are a little too mellow for that grouping in my opinion, hence the reason why the song appears here. That said, I loved the album “Eliminator” and the singles and videos that came from it. “Legs” is a typical example of the video selling the song; the girls, the car and those spinning furry guitars!


(50) Godley And Creme – Snack Attack

“Snack Attack” is a track from the album “Ismism” and what makes it good for me are the amusing lyrics, sung, supposedly by a man who has had his jaws wired together in order to lose weight. Sounds a bizarre concept for a song but it is a good song nevertheless.

51 to 60 to follow ...

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